Legislators Try to Persuade Panel to Approve Blaze Pink Bill

WI Lawmakers Propose Bill to Let Hunters Wear Pink

A pair of Wisconsin legislators is trying to convince an Assembly committee to approve a bill that would allow hunters to wear blaze pink.

Reps. Nick Milroy and Joel Kleefisch introduced the bill earlier this year.

They told the Assembly’s natural resources committee during a public hearing Wednesday that blaze pink is just as safe as blaze orange.

Majid Sarmadi, a University of Wisconsin-Madison textile expert who studied the visibility of blaze pink for Milroy and Kleefisch, told the committee that blaze pink is more visible against the orange fall landscape than blaze orange.

Rep. Ken Skowrownski, a committee member, said he doesn’t support the measure.

He said he can’t see any reason for the bill beyond making a fashion statement. 

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