UPDATE: Superior Murder Suspect Released from Jail

One of five suspects accused in the shooting death of 20-year-old Garth Velin has been released from jail. 

21-year-old Kyham Dunn was released Tuesday night on a $1,000 contempt of court charge.  

Dunn faces party to the crime of felony murder charges in connection to the death of Garth Velin in Superior in September of 2014.  He is one of five suspects charged after Velin was shot in the chest during what police say was a failed robbery attempt at his home. 

Dunn was originally scheduled to go to trial for the murder charge in May, however, Douglas County District Attorney Dan Blank said he needed more time to build a case against him. 

In light of this, Dunn’s $100,000 bail was amended to a $50,000 cash bail. 

The trial was rescheduled for August, and the state once again asked for a continuance. 

Dunn signed a $100,000 signature bond in August on the felony murder charge after his request for a speedy trial was not met, however he was still held behind bars on an armed robbery charge from early 2014. 

That case was set to go to trial October 13.  

Dunn’s attorney tells us at a hearing Monday the state was once again not ready to go to trial on the armed robbery and false imprisonment charge. 

Judge Kelly Thimm dismissed the charges and Dunn posted $1,000 cash bail for the contempt of court charge and was released. 

He is expected to appear in court again for the murder charges on October 30. 

A jury trial is expected to start on January 25. 

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