Pink Eye: Highly Contagious Childhood Condition

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It’s a condition that strikes fear in the hearts of many parents.

Pink eye is one of the most contagious childhood conditions and is an inflammation of the membrane that’s on the front of the eye.

Pink eye can be caused by different things.

Some cases are due to bacteria, others, viruses, and some pink eyes can be traced to allergens such as plant pollen. That particular kind is considered non-contagious.

Pink eye is rarely dangerous, but it can be.

“Especially if there’s continuous rubbing, persistent infection, you can really cause, eventually, some trauma to the eye,” said Dr. Clara Belenky, a pediatrician.

It’s especially important to see a doctor if the pink eye is accompanied by visual changes, pain in the eye, intense redness or if things seem to be getting worse instead of better.


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