It’s been a year of legal troubles for the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and the now the school has another lawsuit on it’s hands. 

Thirteen former University of Minnesota-Duluth students have filed a lawsuit against the university claiming the school is taking part in “elaborate fraud”.

According to our Twin Cities Fox affiliate KMSP, the students are seeking $50,000 each in damages.  

The lawsuit claims UMD’s College of Education program promised two separate teaching licenses as part of a new hybrid program. However, when the students graduated they learned that the program was not accredited and they were not eligible for a full-time license.

The case has been in the hands of attorney William Sand for months. Sand says there is still a lot he and his team don’t know and hope the suit will help them understand. 

All 13 students graduated from UMD last December after being the first to complete a new hybrid elementary and special education program that would earn them two separate teaching licenses.

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