Duluth Dispatcher, Teen Meet Following Boat Rescue

Boys' Boat Capsized on Fish Lake

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A teen and his friends have a St. Louis County dispatcher to thank for saving their lives on a trip that went horribly wrong.

What started out as a duck hunting trip among three best friends quickly turned into a water emergency.

It happened on October 4 around 4:30 a.m. on Fish Lake when their boat started to go under water.

One of the boys, 17-year-old Bryce Tanski, called 911 and reached 30-year veteran dispatcher, Peggy Keur.

On Thursday, Tanksi and Keur met for the first time since they spoke on the phone during the rescue.

“I was able to stay on the phone with Bryce and talk to him because my partners were doing a lot of things and sending a lot of resources. They also deserve credit. It wasn’t just me by any means. I just happened to be the one on the phone,” said Keur.

St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman commended Tanksi for staying so calm on the call which made it easier for first responders to get them help.

“You got to be thankful for the people that are ready to come and save your life, too. I mean, you really take that stuff for granted. When you’re out there, you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m actually using 911.’ You don’t understand how relevant that is,” said Tanski.

Sheriff Litman said the story is a good example of all the right things to do like having enough life jackets on board and being aware of your surroundings. 

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