Potential Sales Tax Increase in Wisconsin

Lawmakers Proposing New Legislation

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Some Wisconsin lawmakers are proposing legislation that could affect businesses in Superior.

State Senators Janet Bewley and Thomas Tiffany are proposing legislation that would allow the Superior City Council to place excise taxes on purchases like car rentals and food and beverage sales at restaurants.

Lawmakers believe the tax would help Wisconsin cities compete with their Minnesota counterparts.

At least one Superior restaurant owner isn’t very excited about the potential tax hike.

“Not through a retail sales tax anyway. I don’t think that’s the route to go. I think Superior needs to stay competitive we’re at 5.5% I’d be willing to go to 5% before I’d go to 6%,”said Owner of Shorty’s Pizza and Meat Brian Noel.

The new legislation is being supported by a local group called Better City Superior.


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