Hermantown’s Hoff Chose Her Own Path

Hawks Senior is a Volleyball Player in a Soccer Family

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In Hermantown, the name Hoff is synonymous with girls soccer.  Junior Callie Hoff is scoring goals for the Hawks, while Hailey Hoff, no relation, is the hawks’ all–time leading scorer.  However, Hailey’s sister Kylie Hoff chose a different path.

“I just like the game of volleyball better, i like the quick action that comes with it,” sahe says.  “When I was younger volleyball was always more fun to me and the girls i played with were always super fun.”

Kylie, a senior, leads the Hawks as both a captain, and as Hermantown’s Libero.

“Libero, the last few years, has become more and more important,” saud Hermantown volleyball coach Sue Wasbotten.  “They can control the game because it’s starts with them.  It starts with a pass, and it starts with the communication, and she does a great job with both.”

Wasbotten couldn’t be more pleased that Kylie chose volleyball.

“I’m definitely happy she’s on the court,” said Wasbotten.  “It’s exciting to have her as a senior captain, and she’s been doing a great job.”

Wasbotten calls kylie her ‘great communicator’, and Kylie’s communication on the court makes her a great leader.
“She tries to keep everybody up and going and she does a really good job of that,” said Wasbotten.  “Really a floor leader, and you need that in a Libero.”

“Communication in any sport is important, but especially in volleyball,” added Hoff.  “Calling the ball is really important.”

Meanwhile, Kylie says the bond her team shares makes leading the Hakws that much easier.

“My team is probably some of the best people I’ve ever met, and they’re some of my best friends that I love playing with,” said Hoff.  “Getting the opportunity to play with them has definitely been a blessing my senior year.”

However, this season will be Kylie’s last on the court, and there are definitely some mixed emotions as her career comes to a close.

“It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to the sport and to [my teammates],” she says.  “But I know that even though I won’t be playing volleyball with them, they’ll still be my friends off the court.”

And with the playoffs coming, Kylie would like nothing more than to go out with a trip to state.

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