Vice President Joe Biden Not Running for President

Vice President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he will not toss his hat in the ring for the 2016 Presidential election, putting an end to months of speculation that he would run.  

He stated that he is choosing not to run primarily because of losing his son Beau to cancer in May. 

Biden referenced the difficult grieving process during the press conference alongside his wife Jill, and President Barack Obama. 

“As my family and I have worked through the grieving process, I’ve said all along what I’ve said time and again to others that it may very well be that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on a mounting realistic campaign for president.. that it might close. I’ve concluded that it has closed,” said Vice President Biden.

Biden says that while he won’t be running, he won’t sit back and watch. 

“While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent.  I intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as I can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation,” said Vice President Biden. 

There are currently four candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for President. 

Biden says he will fully support whoever wins the Democratic nominee. 

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton issued the following statement after Vice President Biden announced his decision not to run: 

“Joe Biden is a good man and a great Vice President.  Serving alongside him in the Senate and then the administration, I saw first-hand his passion for our country and our people.  Like millions of others, I admire his devotion to family, his grace in grief, his grit and determination on behalf of the middle class, and his unyielding faith in America’s promise.  As Vice President, Joe has been by President Obama’s side for every pivotal decision.  He helped save the auto industry and pull our economy back from the brink of depression.  He continues to fight for higher wages, safer communities, and a more peaceful world.  It’s a record to be proud of, defend, and build on.  And I am confident that history isn’t finished with Joe Biden.  As he said today, there is more work to do.  And if I know Joe, he will always be on the front-lines, always fighting for all of us.”

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