Botox May Prevent Irregular Heart Rhythm

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It turns out Botox might be useful for more than just zapping wrinkles.

The drug might help prevent the development of an irregular heart rhythm after bypass surgery.

Researchers studied 60 bypass patients and gave them either Botox or saline injections.

They found people who got the Botox didn’t have heart rhythm problems over a year compared to 27 percent of people who got the saline.

Researchers need to do more tests on a larger scale before this could be used in a clinical situation.
The number of Americans who say they smoke pot has more than doubled between 2000 and 2013.

With that increase, there was an uptick in reported abuse with nearly three out of every ten marijuana users saying they had a marijuana use disorder.

Researchers say the findings show while people increasingly see pot as a harmless drug it does involve some risks.
Marriage is apparently bad for your waistline.

That’s according to researchers who followed nearly 4,000 couples for up to 25 years.

They found when one spouse becomes obese the other’s risk of obesity almost doubles.

Researchers urge couples to focus on making positive lifestyle choices together.

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