Local, Sustainable Farming Sees Major Growth in Northland

Cooking Connection: Sustainable Farming

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Sustainable farming is a fast-growing trend in the Northland. 

This morning, Lucie Amundsen, Marketing Chick for Locally Laid Egg Company, spoke about the importance of buying locally.

She says by shopping locally you know where your food is coming from, you know how it’s produced and you’re supporting your community by creating jobs. 

Amundsen also spoke about the expansion of many local businesses. 

Whole Foods Coop is expanding into Lincoln Park. The Food Farm is making an entire new root cellar which will extend their season into the winter. 

Amundsen wrote a book titled Locally Laid, and it follows her families journey since starting their farm and also tells the story of their food system. 

You can pre-order on Amazon, or pre-order at the Book Store at Fitgers. 

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