Minnesota Power Plans to Produce More Solar Energy

Answering the Higher Demand for Renewable Energy

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Minnesota Power is evolving – and has plans to use more solar energy.

At a forum Wednesday morning, representatives from the power company made the announcement for plans to build “solar gardens” in Duluth.

The gardens would generate solar power that would then enter the grid for customers in the area.

Minnesota Power’s energy output is currently 25 percent renewable energy, and their plans would bump that to a third renewable energy, a third coal, and a third natural gas.

 Minnesota Power spokespeople say there is an increased demand for solar energy.

“Conserving energy and using it wisely is really the first step. And more renewable energy is a nice step to come along with that,” said Margaret Hodnik, the Vice President of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs with Minnesota Power.

Hodnik says that even though the demand for solar is higher, it cannot be the only source of energy on the grid.

“Solar energy is wonderful and fabulous. We want to increase it on our system, and we are. But solar is still available certain hours of the day, and we need that 24-hour energy supply,” she said.

Minnesota Power will offer more plans for people who want to install solar panels on their own homes as well.

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