Duluth-Based Web Series Coming Soon

"Old Lifty" Features Fictional Lift Bridge Operator

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Duluth is about to get its very own TV show!

Local writers and actors have come together to create “Old Lifty.”

It’s a comedic, fictional web series centering around the first female lift bridge operator.

The plot focuses on her return to Duluth to move-in with her parents and take on the task of letting ships in and out of the harbor.

They hope to make about 10 episodes, each 8-12 minutes long. 

“Everybody know about the lift bridge, but nobody knows about the operators. And all the images you get around the lift bridge, you very rarely get anything from inside the lift bridge,” explained Miles Hanon, Director.

Although it’ll start just here in Duluth, they have big dreams for this project.

“The best case scenario would be that somebody like Netflix sees what we’re doing, sees the quality of it, sees the interest in it and says ‘hey, let’s do this on a grander scale,'” said Hanon. 

They need your help to get this made.

A crowd funding campaign has been set up that kicks off on Friday. 

If you’d like to learn more about the project, watch promos, or donate, head to their indiegogo page

You can also visit them on Facebook

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