Shining Light on Programs to Keep Kids Out Of Trouble

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Everyday 15 million kids go home from school unsupervised, raising their chances of getting in trouble. 

In light of that fact, Lowell Elementary hosted a rally Thursday called “Lights on After School.” 

It was one of 8,000 going on across the country. 

The goal is to draw attention to the need for more after school programs. 

“So both from a social standpoint as far as raising kids who know how to behave in society, and ones that aren’t going to grow up to be delinquents, as sad as that word may be, as well as raising kids who are strong in math,. strong in reading, strong in some of these academic subjects, after school programs really serve a lot of purpose for our communities,” said Charles Gould, with the Duluth YMCA. 

According to the YMCA, kids who go to afterschool programs see a 36 percent increase in math scores and a 37 percent increase in reading. 

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