Duluth in the Running for $75M in National Resiliency Competition

Duluth is in the final rounds for $75 million dollars in a National Disaster Recovery Competition. 

The city made the final round due to it’s recovery efforts in the 2012 floods, which caused more than $100 million dollars in damages. 

The city partnered with multiple agencies including the State of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Ecolibrium3, and Duluth LISC to apply for the funds through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Projects outlined in the grant include removing removing, repairing, reusing and revitalizing flood damaged homes.  The plan also calls for repairing and remediating 72 acres of of park and 55 miles of trails.  The city also hopes to invest in green infrastructure. 

If Duluth wins the award, the city will serve as a cornerstone for the development of future resiliency framework and strategies that can replicated around the state and nationwide.  

HUD is expected to announce the recipients in January. 

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