Memorial Bench Dedicated To Accident Victims

Grandmother, Grandson Were Killed By Drunken Driver

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Family and friends of Paula and Everett Bergren gathered in Forest Hills Cemetery Sunday to dedicate a memorial in their honor.

Paula Bergren, 60, was driving Everett, her 14-year-old grandson, to school in January 2012 when they were hit by a drunken driver just two blocks from the cemetery.

Paula was killed in the wreck, but Everett fought for nearly a year before passing away from complications caused by the accident in 2013. 

Everett was buried in what is still the only grave on a gentle slope in the Forest Hills Cemetery, between two ponds where his family has been feeding ducks and geese for years.

Everett’s mother Trista Turnbull said the spot was requested by the family because it meant so much to Everett and his grandmother.

Dozens of people gathered at Everett’s grave site Sunday as the family dedicated a large granite bench memorializing both Everett and Paula. 

The stone is adorned with runes, a Celtic cross, and the hammer of Thor — all important symbols in the history of the Bergren family, according to Paula’s sister, Sue Spencer.

With bag pipe’s playing and Irish songs sung, a beautiful Duluth Sunday served as a perfect backdrop for remembrance and celebration of the lives of Paula and Everett Bergren. 

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