Two Northern Minnesota DNR Officers Receive DNR Lifesaving Award

Two northern Minnesota DNR officers were awarded the DNR Lifesaving Award for helping rescue a man who had been thrown from his ATV and unable to move.  

State conservation officers Sean Williams of Ely and Marc Hopkins of Tower were given the award by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for the rescue that took place on September 17. 

Williams and Hopkins were called out to help emergency responders locate 77-year-old John C Lind, who had been missing since the day before when he was traveling between Hoyt Lakes and Aurora on his ATV. 

Authorities were concerned for his well being due to his age and the fact that he had no diabetic supplies with him. 

The weather was also a factor- there was intermittent rain, downpours and cool weather. 

The duo paired up on the search, noticing the area had already been heavily traveled by rescue personnel, however they noticed a faint ATV trail which split off the main trail. 

It’s there they found Lind’s ATV stuck in muddy water, still running.

Lind was thrown from the four wheeler, and found stuck in a wet mud hole, up to his chest. 

The man was showing signs of hypothermia. 

Williams and Hopkins pulled him out of the hole and helped keep the man warm until rescue crews arrived. 

“Thanks to Williams’ and Hopkins’ observation skills and willingness to take the path less travelled, they clearly saved the life of a man who may not have survived another night of exposure to the elements,” said DNR Enforcement Director Col. Ken Soring.  

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