The Duluth Clinic Commemorates 100 Years

Northland Uncovered: The Duluth Clinic

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In this week’s Northland Uncovered, we’re celebrating 100 years of the Duluth Clinic.

“Their belief in doing what’s right for patients, education and research, focusing on quality. What the founders put together 100 years ago was a really good blue print for the future,” Mary Thompson Bode, author of Timeless Vision.

A timeless vision.

That is what Duluth Clinic doctors created 100 years ago and the title of a book commemorating the milestone.

“The book was a lot of work, we had to do a lot of research and there was a lot of writing,” explained Thompson Bode.

The process of researching and writing the book took about a year.

“A lot of the physicians I talked to has actually come here in the 50s and 60s and could talk about their careers through a lot of that,” said Thompson Bode.

It was work, but something Thompson Bode considers an honor.

“To be able to be a part of this and to record this important piece of Duluth history meant a lot to me,” said Thompson Bode.

It’s a piece of history highlighting key events of the clinic’s past.

“The Duluth Clinic was actually one of the first multi–specialty practices in the U.S., so what they were doing at the time was very groundbreaking,” said Thompson Bode.

The staff has changed quite a bit since then.

“In the very beginning it started with 5 physicians who rented a floor of an office building in downtown Duluth,” said Thompson Bode.

There are now 14,000 employees with Essentia Health and 850 physicians in what would be considered The Duluth Clinic today.

Even though the staff has grown, Thompson Bode says the mission has remained the same.

“They combined technology with kind of a frontier, can–do attitude to make sure that patients in this area were getting the same quality of care that they could get in a big city,” said Thompson Bode.

The book was designed by HTK.

If you’d like to see the book, you can view it at the Duluth Public Library, the UMD Library and in Essentia Health waiting rooms.

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