Couple’s Dog Steals the Spotlight in Engagement Photos

A St. Paul couple’s dachshund stole the show after photobombing their engagement pictures. 

The engaged couple Megan and Chris consider their pup, Louie, to be a part of the family and wanted him to be a part of one of the happiest moments of their lives. 

They never expected Louie to work the camera, and hilariously and adorably steal the spotlight. 

The couple’s photographer, Karin Berdal of DnK Photography, says that Louie loved playing in the leaves on the fall engagement shoot, but she wasn’t prepared for just how much. 

Berdal was hoping to just capture a cute moment of the dog playing as the couple looked on, but the pup had other plans and hogged the camera. 

Megan, the soon-to-be bride, had Louie before she met Chris and says she is starting to suspect the dog is a little bit jealous. 

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