Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

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Halloween can be a fun night for your the whole family, but don’t forget about your four-legged friends. 

Fox 21 spoke with Dr. Ann Lind about tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween weekend. 

The biggest piece of advice she gave was “no chocolate”, but to try to avoid sharing any candy with them in general. 

Dr. Lind also discussed the right way to celebrate Halloween if your dog isn’t the most social.

“This is not the night to socialize your dog to new scenarios, there are kids they have costumes, they are running around. So if your dog is really social and friendly it’s fine to take them. If not keep them inside, redirect them, think of other things to do,” said Veterinarian Ann Lind. 

If your pet is partaking in the festivities, taking them out for a run before is recommended to tire them out. 

If for any reason your animal does ingest candy on Halloween, you can call the Animal Poison Control Center for help. 

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