$75,000 Invested in Duluth “Green” Initiative

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A partnership between Canadian National Railway, Community action Duluth, And the City of Duluth is working to build a stronger community through support of green jobs, preserving green spaces and stream beds.

The partnership has led the railroad to invest thousands in the initiative.

After the flood of 2012, Duluth’s streams were left in ruin.

Since then Community Action Duluth, with the support of Canadian National Railway, has attempted to mend those streams with Project Stream Corps.

The project plants trees on the banks of the streams to keep them from eroding.

At a press conference Thursday, Mayor Ness said repairing the streams is not like the repair of sewers and streets, you can’t just rebuild it with concrete.

“With the green infrastructure you need to plant and think long-term and planting trees are the best protection for the integrity of those green beds long-term,” said Duluth Mayor Don Ness.

In total, Canadian National  has given $75,000 dollars over three years to Community Action Duluth to plant trees not only on the banks of streams but throughout Duluth parks as well.

A worthy investment, according to Executive Director Angie Miller.

“Long term i mean trees can live to be 100 years old. So that’s a really long term investment that can live for decades to come,” said Miller. 

The project not only helps the green parts of Duluth, but is creating employment opportunities, where people are taught skills like sustaining park land and protecting habitats.

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