‘Check, Change, Control’ Helps Manage Blood Pressure

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We all know that lowering your blood pressure as you age can help ward off heart failure, stroke and other health problems.

But that’s often easier said than done. Now, a new program aims to help keep it in check.

Check, change, control. They are three simple words that have had a major impact on Audrey Lowman.

She’s struggled with high blood pressure since childhood.

Audrey joined the American Heart Association’s blood pressure program called Check, Change, Control.

First, participants learn how to check and monitor their blood pressure.

“We actually show them how to monitor it, and we give them a monitoring machine and they keep a record of their blood pressure,” said Vivian Moore, East Lake YMCA.

The program includes an online tool called heart-360, which helps explain and track factors that affect heart health including blood pressure, physical activity, weight and cholesterol.

The next step is to learn how to change your blood pressure.

Diet and exercise are key.

The program offers healthy recipes, information on how to read food labels and easy workouts you can do anywhere.

Once you know how to check and change your blood pressure, you can apply those skills to control it.

Talking to your doctor and taking your medications are also crucial when trying to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

“Once I got in there, you see all different walks of life in there, so I think it could be beneficial to anybody,” said Audrey. 

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