The Lighthouse at Emily’s Permanently Closes

Volunteers Gather to Help Clean

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A Northshore land mark closing brought dozens of volunteers.

The Lighthouse at Emily’s Restaurant permanently closed on Sunday after North Shore Scenic Railroad failed to reach an agreement to purchase the building from the current owner, and the restaurant’s lease came to an end.  

The next morning, the restaurant owners’ father passed away unexpectedly.

The deadline to be out of the building was by Saturday, and the four owners, three sisters and a daughter, could not get an extension on that date.  Cynthia Lovold, the former manager of the restaurant, reached out to the community, asking for help

“I wanted to unburden the girls from having to worry about this at a time when they should be with their family,” said Lovold.

More than the confirmed 26 people showed up to help with projects.

Volunteers said the big turn-out was due to the restaurant having a special place in their hearts.

“ this place had a very strong following in the community. They appealed to the tourists, but they also appealed to the older folks that have lived here their whole lives and have grown up here and have had kids,” said volunteer Calvin Mccorisan.

And though the restaurant is now closed, they say it will be missed.

The sisters have had the location for 4 years but so far they have no plans to reopen. 

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