Tuberculosis Cases on the Rise Worldwide

Rivals HIV/AIDS as Leading Cause of Death from Infectious Diseases

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For the first time, tuberculosis infections rival HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death from infectious diseases.

The report from the World Health Organization finds 1.1 million people died of TB last year.

During the same time period, HIV/AIDS killed 1.2 million people worldwide.

A UN health agency spokesperson says the report reflects the dramatic gains in access to AIDS treatment in the past decade.

The report says international funding for HIV/AIDS is ten times higher than for TB.
A new study shows young adults use e-cigs the most.

More than 20 percent of Americans between 18 and 24 reported trying them compared to less than four percent among people 65 and older.

The Centers for Disease Control study also found e-cigs are more popular with men, whites and Native American adults. It was least popular among blacks and Hispanics.
A simple test could give pregnant women a better idea of when they’ll give birth.

Researchers say the test would involve measuring cervical length with an ultrasound at around 37 to 39 weeks.

Currently, only five percent of women deliver on their due date.

Study authors say estimates given to expectant mothers can be off by as much as two or three weeks. 

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