End Of An Era: Accomplishments Of Mayor Don Ness

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Mayor Don Ness clearly loves the city of Duluth, and those sentiments are echoed by his nearly 90-percent approval rating by residents.

Ness and the city have tackled some hard challenges in the last eight years, but one of the biggest challenges was the flood of 2012.

Under the leadership of Ness, the city showed tremendous recovery.

“It’s really the people, the businesses, the neighbors who rolled up their sleeves and were helping folks that are the heroes of that story,” said Ness.

He also partnered with Police Chief Gordon Ramsay to tackle the growing synthetic drug problem in the city.  Going after Duluth’s Last Place on Earth was a big part of that effort.

Their work paid off, and the store was eventually shut down.

“That was a community victory it certainly wasn’t about me or any other single person, it was a team effort.”

Other positive things have also happened since Ness became mayor. Duluth now has one of the fastest growing economies in the United States, and the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in more than a decade.

But Ness knows it’s not all about him when it comes to moving forward.  Those closest to him believe the community will continue to thrive even after he leaves office.

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