Focus on Health: Cold Kit Essentials

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 Many of us may get hit with a nagging cough, a runny nose or fever during this winter season.

“There’s really no cure for a common cold really what you would do is manage the symptoms that come with the common cold. So depending on the symptoms you have that will determine what medications you take,” said Naadede Badger-Plange, a pharmacist.

First, there’s pain. Acetaminophen isn’t the only pain reliever out there.

“So there are two major products that you usually will take. The first one is either ibuprofen and, other people like to take naproxen,” said Badger-Plange.

When it comes to antihistamines, “the main product that is in the cold medication is diphenhydramine. So one of the major side effects of this product is drowsiness. So you always want to make sure that you’re not driving after taking this medication,” said Badger-Plange.

If you also have a cough, look for products with one of two active ingredients.

“What guaifenesin does is when you have that deep, congested cough it helps bring out all the gunk associated with that. When you have that dry cough that you’re trying to suppress then you take dextromethorphan.”

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