Knowing Your Neighbor: Federico’s Mikes Restaurant

Federico's Mikes Restaurant

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Built in the 1950’s Federico’s Mikes Restaurant used to be a drive-in.

Rich in history it still offers a picturesque backdrop for customers as they sit at the counter, peer into the kitchen and watch the cook whip up their meal.

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbor’s we head to Ironwood, Michigan.

“It’s just like a very homey thing. I get to see all my customers I’m not just in the back,” said Owner of Federico’s Mikes Restaurant, Debra Federico.

“You meet so many different types of people from all over we’ve had people from Australia,” said Federico.

The tourist destination known for its ski resorts depends on much more than out-of-towners to keep them afloat.

Federico said they depend upon the locals.

“You know everybody by name. It’s kind of nice. You come in the morning and you know what they are going to have, you know how they are going to drink their coffee and just you know their family,” said Federico.

The restaurant is known for a mix of dishes like their Italian Grinder and garlic and chicken pasta dish.

“Mostly people like to come here for breakfast because we do serve such a large breakfast and that is one of our most popular and busier times is that Saturday and Sunday morning it is sometimes standing room only,” said Federico.

Federico prides herself on making a lot of dishes from scratch, using fresh ingredients.

Her husband even owns a bakery.

It’s not just about keeping the business in the family; it’s about keeping all the business local.

“Like we are remodeling right now so we are doing that all locally. Local businesses you have to kind of keep it in our area the best you can,” said Federico. 

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