Protesters Rally Against Enbridge Pipeline Expansion

Indigenous Communities and Environmental Activists Rally Together

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A Rally against the proposed Enbridge pipeline expansion took place in Duluth.

“These pipelines are incredibly detrimental to not only folks that live near the communities, but also to the environment and largely contribute to climate change, which is why we are here today,” said Mahyar Sorour, an organizer with the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group.

Advocates from Indigenous Communities and Environmental groups marched to the Enbridge Office to protest.

“They would not take our letter and they would not listen to any of our asks or demands.”

Organizers say 7 people were arrested in connection with the protest

Indigenous Community Leaders also visited the office of Congressman Rick Nolan to deliver a letter of demands, where the letter was accepted

“We want these, Enbridge to consult all of the native communities that are on the front lines of these proposed pipeline projects,” said Sorour.

Enbridge released a statement that said:

“Enbridge recognizes the rights of people to express their views legally and peacefully, and to discuss Enbridge’s business and projects. We encourage active discussions on our operations and projects, as long as everyone is respectful of those who live and work near our pipelines, including our employees and contractors, and of our pipelines and facilities. Enbridge will continue to engage in conversations with individuals and communities in areas where we have operations or active project.”

Organizers said they will keep fighting until they believe their voices are being heard

“We will continue to get arrested, we will continue to show up and we’ll continue to turn out, cause this is our planet.”

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