Parents Take Kids to the Polls

Northlanders Vote for Mayor, City Council

November 3, 2015 marks election day across the country and in Duluth.

As voters headed to the polls to make their decisions about the future of issues such as who will replace Mayor Don Ness, and whether to approve ranked choice voting, some voters took the chance to educate their children about the voting process.

Amie Clingman and her husband brought all three of their children to the polls at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church. 

Clingman said the family outing is a yearly tradition she uses to teach her children how important their voice is. 

“It’s important,” Clingman said, “It’s a right that not everyone has. It’s important to exercise that right and to teach them about that voting process.”

Clingman said her children get especially excited when they get to put the ballots into the counting machines. 

Clingman and her husband voted in the 13th precinct Tuesday. 

Election judges at the Mt. Olive Lutheran church said voter turn out was steady and voters were lined up before the doors opened. 

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