St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin Invited to White House

St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin will head to the White House to take part in the 10th annual National Prosecution Summit. 

The event takes place on November 18. 

Local, state and federal prosecutors will come together and strategize on ways to enhance public trust and confidence in the criminal justice system while promoting public safety. 

The summit will cover topics that have been in the national spotlight, such as Community Trust, Police Use of Force, Prosecutorial Ethics, Smart Prosecution Initiatives and and Innovative Prosecution Strategies for Safer Communities. 

The three day conference will kick off on November 16 at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives headquarters, before heading to the White House on November 18. 

St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin said he is honored to be part of an organization that is recognized as a leader in national policy discussions. 

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