House Passes Rep. Nolan’s Proposal to Allow Logging Trucks on I-35

The U.S. House has passed a bill by Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan to allow logging trucks to use I-35 around Duluth. 

The measure will take the logging trucks off of Superior Street and instead have them use a 24-mile stretch of Interstate 35 from Duluth to Highway 210 during the winter months. 

Federal regulations currently prohibit logging trucks weighing more than 80,000 pounds from using I-35. 

Nolan’s measure will allow logging trucks weighing 99,000 pounds or less to use I-35 during the winter. 

The proposal was backed by Duluth Mayor Don Ness, Police Chief Gordon Ramsay and the Greater Downtown Duluth Council, among others. 

Nolan says the amendment will make winter travel safer for the truckers, and the drivers and pedestrians who live, work and do business in the city of Duluth. 

“These trucks are prone to tip and spill their logs on sharp turns. It’s happened before. And sooner or later, if we don’t pass this simple fix, someone is going to be killed or seriously injured,” said Congressman Nolan. 

Officials in the logging industry responded to the bill passing Wednesday, saying that the legislation will greatly improve safety when transporting wood to area mills.  

A vote is expected Thursday on the passage of the transportation bill, before it heads to a conference committee and finally to the President to be signed into law.  

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