Hunting Changes Going Well St. Louis County

Deer Stands cannot have walls or roof during off season.

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It was just three years ago St. Louis county put their foot down to hunters building extravagant deer stands.

Now with deer season days away, we checked to see how the rules are fairing.

Before the rules changed, there were no limitations on hunters building deer stands on tax–forfeited lands. It became an issue when they started putting up walls, roofs and even carpet. 

At that point the county says it needed to set rules to keep unauthorized buildings from popping up.

Since 2012, any deer stands with walls and a roof must be removed or deconstructed between January first and September first.

St. Louis county says the switch has come easy.

“Three, four years later we have a workable policy that seems to be working things are improving out there and a lot of that is just getting that information out to hunters,” Jason Meyer, deputy land and minerals director.

The county says hunters really just want to know what the rules are and are happy to follow them.

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