Highway 53 Relocation Project Begins

Highway 53 will be relocated and open by 2017.

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In 1960 Minnesota built Highway 53 on private property and 50 years later the mine that owns the land said give it back. Now after five long years of planning they are ready to relocate that part of the highway.

“It’s been a huge process really fast to actually go through an environmental process, select a route, do all the engineering to get to where we are today. It’s a huge milestone for us,” said Patrick Huston, project manager for Highway 53.

The 3.1 mile stretch of highway will stretch over 1,000 feet and sit 200 feet above the water making it the largest bridge in Minnesota but it won’t be easy.

“There’s a lot of challenges on this job it’s kind of in a mining environment so we face challenges we’ve never experienced before and really the devils in the details,” said Huston.

The 156 million dollar construction project begins immediately and looks to have cars on the road by Nov. 17, because of the tight time line they plan to work through the winter.

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