Police Warn of IRS Scam

The Duluth Police Department is warning the public about a phone scam with people calling and claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service and scamming money. 

Police say they have received an increased amount of calls relating to the scam. 

There were more than 20 calls reported to 911 Friday alone. 

Police say the crooks will claim back taxes are owed and demand money, along with threatening potential victims with arrest and warrants if they don’t pay up. 

If you receive a call from an individual claiming to be with the IRS, you are urged to just hang up the phone. 

The Internal Revenue Service will not call and demand payment over the phone, or threaten to arrest or issue a warrant.   

The IRS will send information in the mail on money owed and will explain in the letter how to take care of the issue.

The same scam is also being reported in Cass County. 

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