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If you’re looking for a hidden gem along the North Shore with a homey atmosphere– head to the Lemon Wolf Café.

It’s located in Beaver Bay and is this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors.

“We call it a Northwoods Bistro,” said owner Susan Scheradella.

Lemon Wolf Café has been around for 15–years but you may have driven right past it, as it’s tucked away, off Highway 61.

“We are hard to find and we don’t advertise, so most of our people come from word of mouth which is the best,” said Scheradella.

A husband and wife duo owns the small café, complete with just ten tables.

Susan waitresses and her husband is the chef.

It’s their first restaurant.

“It’s fun. In the winter it is slower and we get to come out and visit with people more where as in the summer and the fall it is busy, busy,” said Scheradella.

The bistro specializes in fresh, local products.

In fact, a local fisherman brings in daily catches.

“We have a lot of other dishes we do with wild rice and we try to do local foods. Everything here is homemade and handmade – the soups, desserts and everything,” said Scheradella.

It’s not just the atmosphere that makes Lemon Wolf so special but also its name, which comes from a fable.

“It’s kind of a cute little fable about a lemon colored wolf that is shunned by the other wolves so he comes friends with the bears,” said Scheradella.

Kids can even get in on some fun at lemon wolf if they howl life a wolf when they finish their meal they’ll get a treat.

The bistro also offers a full service bar.

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