Duluth Council Endorses Recreational Projects

Duluth Council gives the green light to recreational project

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Those in Duluth who enjoy the outdoors will soon have more places to explore.

Monday night the Duluth city council signed off on investments into a new park that will be built, along with other recreational projects.

The Duluth climbers coalition was awarded a 4,000 dollar grant that will be put in to planning and putting together a new park for the climbers.

The park will not only be used for climbing year round but also for an interesting place for others to explore.

“It’ll basically just be an open public park that’s available to the neighborhood as well as open to climbers,” said Joel Sipress, a city council member.

The council also approved the beginning of design work for a 4.4 mile horse trail in Magney Snively Park.

The proposed trail will be on the Ely Peak trail loop. The loop will continue to be used by cross country skiers as well.

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