The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating for Two

Dealing With Cravings When You're Pregnant

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When you’re eating for two, nutrition takes on a much bigger role in your diet.

Nutritionist Greer Craig says you want to eat what will give you the most nutritious bang for your calorie buck.

“You have to refocus your thoughts on where can I get the most protein, and healthy fats. Quinoa is a great swap for pasta, and it also has riboflavin in it, which is really great to help curb migraines, headaches – that is a common pregnancy symptom,” said Craig.

Craig adds you should focus your energy on vegetables.

“Any vegetable is going to be a super food power house – you’re not going to go wrong. If we roast them, that gives them a little more flavor, like maybe a kale chip would taste a little bit like a potato chip. You just put a little bit of sea salt and olive oil on it,” said Craig.

What if you still have that sweet tooth?

“You want to think outside the box and still eat that fruit, that more nutritiously dense option. So, maybe freezing a banana and then having your own version of banana ice cream,” said Craig.

What about diet soda for regular soda? Not a good idea.

“Absolutely no nutrition. It’s going to wreak havoc for your metabolism, even though there’s no calories, it’s total havoc in your system. So, I say to make yourself a fun little cocktail out of fruit water. Cheers to that,” said Craig.

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