Governor Mark Dayton’s Father Passes Away

Bruce Dayton, the father of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, died Friday. 

Dayton passed away surrounded by family at his home in Orono, Minnesota. 

He was 97. 

Dayton was born in Minneapolis and started working at Dayton’s, his family’s department store, in his early 20’s. 

He worked his way up to president of the company and helped co-found the Target Corporation. 

Dayton left the company in 1983, ending 80 years of direct family involvement. 

He graduated from Yale and was an Army Veteran. 

Dayton is survived by his wife and four children, including Governor Mark Dayton, two step children and several grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

A memorial service is set for Thursday, November 19 at 4:00 p.m at Westminster Presbyterian church in Minneapolis. 

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