Turkey Prices Up, Sizes Down

Fresh Turkey Prices Higher Following Bird Flu Outbreak

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Thanksgiving shopping might be a little more expensive this year. 

Following a bird flu outbreak, turkey sizes are down according to area butchers.

Mount Royal and Old World Meats, both confirmed that large turkeys will be in limited supply this years.

Turkeys in the 22 to 26 pound range will be the most difficult to obtain.

Some small turkey sizes may be hard to find as well.

Mount Royal meat cutter Darrin Gillespey said those birds are often used for processed turkey products, such as lunch meat. 

Prices are also up, around $0.20 a pound, but that should only effect fresh turkey sales.

Frozen turkey prices won’t see much of a change this year.

Grocers often sell them below cost to get shoppers in the door.

Mount Royal Market is selling fresh turkeys for $2.19 a pound and free range fresh turkey for $3.69 a pound.

Mount Royal, Old World Meats and Superior Meats are all accepting orders for fresh turkeys.

Vendors recommend geting fresh turkey orders in by the middle of next week to ensure your choice of turkey can be delivered before thanksgiving. .


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