Duluth’s Gingerbread City Receives Additions

People brought gingerbread creations to add to the city.

Duluth’s gingerbread city is currently under construction. Today people brought their gingerbread creations to Norway hall to be added to the city.

Yesterday people came together to build houses for the town and today those who stayed home get to make their contributions.

Even those who lack artistic ability are invited to submit their house to join the city.

“It’s funny when people say ‘oh i didn’t do a good job,’ everyone did a good job. Everyone has an interesting way that they designed their house, it’s really about creativity, problem solving and coming together and sharing something that’s handmade,” said Alison Aune, the art director.

Between now and Friday they will add and organize the city. Friday night mayor of the gingerbread city Laura Ness will open the village at 5pm for the final year.

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