Dozens Arrested After Protests Shut Down I-94 in Minneapolis

Police arrested 51 people during a protest Monday night against the officer-involved shooting of Jamar Clark. 

The 24-year-old was shot in the head by Minneapolis police Sunday. 

Police say Clark was a suspect in a domestic assault and was shot after allegedly interfering with paramedics who were trying to provide first aid to the victim. 

The shooting prompted protests after some witnesses said the man was handcuffed and not resisting when he was shot. 

Hundreds of protesters began their rally outside of a north Minneapolis police precinct. 

The protest crossed onto Interstate 94 Monday night, bringing traffic to a halt for nearly two and a half hours. 

The events led to some of the protesters nearly getting hit and into arguments with other drivers. 

Law enforcement detoured drivers through alternative routes, but the protesters blocked them by making a human chain. 

Police eventually gave the crowd a 15-minute warning,  saying the assembly was unlawful. 

Authorities then began arresting those who refused to leave.

In the end 43 adults and 8 juveniles were arrested. 

Police say the arrests were cooperative and no use of force was used. 

All of the demonstrators were booked and released. 

They were calling for the release of any video of the incident, and the names of the officers involved. 

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has called for a federal investigation into the shooting. 

Governor Mark Dayton said he was concerned over the protests, but praised authorities for showing restraint and providing “ample warning” before arresting the protesters. 

He called the demonstrations “extremely dangerous” and said it put others lives at risk. 

Dayton hoped a call for a federal civil rights investigation would have calmed the situation. 

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