Kane Robinson Sentenced to 18 Years for Role in Superior Murder

A Duluth man has been sentenced for his role in the death of 20-year-old Garth Velin in Superior in September of 2014. 

21-year-old Kane Robinson will spend the next 18 years behind bars.  Judge George Glonek also sentenced Robinson to 10 years of supervised release once he is released from prison. 

Before handing down his sentence, Judge Glonek talked about the irony of letters received from Robinson.  Robinson wrote to the court asking for mercy because he had a son and it was difficult being separated. 

Judge Glonek told the packed courtroom that the Velin’s are forever separated from their son.

Glonek said it was difficult to imagine any crime more serious than being involved in the death of another person. 

He denied the state’s request for 12-15 years, saying it depreciates the offense and Robinson’s involvement in Velin’s death. 

Velin’s parents spoke at Tuesday’s hearing, describing Velin as “loving, funny, giving, a little grumpy, but that he would never hurt a soul.” 

Paul Velin, Garth’s father said these are all words that describe Garth, and “now the State of Wisconsin has given Kane Robinson a new word to describe himself: killer.”

“In the state of Wisconsin, they are all killers, not just Chance Andrews,” said Velin. 

The Velin’s other son Gunnar passed away five years ago.  In court Tuesday, their father addressed the pain. 

“When Gunnar passed away five years ago it was like an elephant stepped on my chest. But when Garth was killed I kept waiting for that elephant to step on my chest again.. and I waited and I waited.. then I realized that the elephant had never gotten off. Not in five years. Probably not ever,” said Velin. 

Debbie Velin, Garth’s mother spoke, saying whatever recommendation made will never be enough because they have already been given a life sentence.

“Had it not been for Kane Robinson’s involvement, they would not have gone to Garth’s house. I would not have had to see Garth in a coffin, looking so handsome, so peaceful, and so dead.  I would not have had to hold his hand. It was so cold, staring at a corpse, begging God for just one more day. Please let this be Garth’s day,” said Debbie. 

Robinson addressed the court through tears, still maintaining his innocence, but apologized to his family and the Velin’s.

“If I had to die inside of a prison, it wouldn’t be enough for you guys. Nothing would be enough for you guys, besides having Garth back. I wish I could bring him back and give my life for his. I’d rather be dead and be remembered as the person that I was before this happened, than live everyday and be vilified as a monster that I’m not, ” said Robinson. 

A jury convicted Robinson in June on charges of party to the crime of felony murder. 

Co-defendant Chance Andrews admitted to shooting Velin in the chest and was sentenced to 25 years behind bars in September. 

Three additional co-defendants, 19-year-old Dallas Robinson, 18-year-old Teah Phillips and 21-year-old Kyham Dunn are awaiting trial on charges of party to the crime of felony murder in connection to Velin’s death. 

Velin was shot in the chest during what authorities called a “botched robbery attempt” on September 30, 2014. 

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