Making the Cut: Bumping & Spiking with the Carlton Bulldogs

Nick Hit the Volleyball Court to put his Skills to the Test

“Hey Northland, in this edition of ‘Making the Cut’ I am at Carlton High School with the two–time reigning Section 7A champs, Carlton. I’m here with coach Soukkala. Coach, what is it going to take for me to make your team?”

“I look for girls and guys, I guess, that are hard workers, that love the sport, that work hard at practice, have some athletic ability and just love to play the game,” said coach Soukkala.

“What are we going to be doing today and what do I have to show you to make the cut?”

“Well we’re going to work on, first of all we do boot camp every day and we have it set out on the outside of the gym. So they practice that and hopefully get stronger and then basically we work on the basics all the time. Everything, passing, setting, hitting, serve receives, all those kind of things,” coach added.

“Perfect! Alright guys, I guess we’ll see if I’m going to be able to make the team, it’s going to be a rough practice.”

“We’ll see. It’s going to be a rough one, we work hard. I hope you’re up for it,” coach said.

“I think I am. Alright guys, let’s see if I can make the team for the Carlton volleyball squad.”

“Coach said it was going to be tough, I’ve worked up a good sweat so far. We’re only like 5 minutes into practice. It’s going to be a long day.”

“So if she’s hitting, you’re going to be right here for the tip. If she’s hitting, you’re going to come over here to pass to Hannah in the green,” said coach Soukkla.

“Gosh, I can’t get it right now. I’m struggling. Come on!”

“Alright guys, just wrapped up practice with the two–time reigning section 7A champs Carlton. Coach, I did the burpies, I did the sets, the spikes, the serves. What did you like and what did you not like?”

“Well, I liked your enthusiasm. You were in every drill and practicing hard. Got to work on the basics a little bit. You guys got great big, strong hands but your form wasn’t the greatest. Same with your spiking, but a little practice and I think you could do pretty well,” said coach.

“The big question, that I’m sure is on everybody’s mind, did I make the cut?”

“Ah, no. You probably make C–team to start off. But we’d work on you to get you back up to that level, but varsity no this year,” coach added.

“Well, not quite guys. C–squad level, but you know what, I’m not always going to make the cut, especially for a team that has the history of Carlton. Well guys, thanks for letting me come to practice. I had a blast. They had fun. Didn’t make the cut, but there is always next time.”

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