Snocross Not Threatened By Warm Weather

Colder Temperatures Coming This Weekend to Make Spirit Mountain White

With Snocross nine days a way and not a snowflake in sight,  concerns have been raised about whether Spirit Mountain will be ready.

Spirit mountain is looking rather green for the end of November, but with colder temperatures around the corner that may be changing this weekend.

In just nine days Duluth will become sno–cross country, at least for a weekend but with these warmer temperatures it doesn’t quite seem like a reality.

Luckily for those racing… or spectating… this weekend will be bringing colder temperatures, allowing Spirit Mountain to start making snow.

The warmer weather isn’t something racers are focusing on right now though.

“We’re 9 days away from spirit mountain, the weather’s warm but everybody has got a great forecast so the race should go as planned and that is a cool race for everyone to attend,” said Steve Shewing, owner of Amsoil US Airforce snow team. 

The 24th annual race doesn’t plan to be stopped by a little warm weather, not when more than 25,000 fans pack the stands every year.

Snocross is scheduled to begin bright and early on November 27 and run through to Sunday.

So barring a heat wave, the race is still scheduled to go on as planned.

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