Business Owner Speaks Out After Shooting Suspect

Owner: 'I Had To Take Action'

A Superior business owner spoke out for the first time Tuesday to FOX 21’s Dan Hanger after he says he was forced to shoot an armed robber.

“He comes at me with the knife right to my face pretty much. I want the money. I want the money. I want the money,” explained Stan Sunde, owner of Superior Coin & Currency on Belknap Street.

The 75-year-old says he has never pulled a gun on anybody in his life.

But that dramatically changed Thursday night when two masked men stormed inside his downtown business.

“The first one rushes toward me. The second one stays by the door waiting,” Sunde explained.

Sunde described the knife as a large hunting blade.

“I was in the chair, so I backed up a little bit and then he comes around here around the desk and that’s when I realized it was now or never. I had to take action, and I did,” Sunde explained of his thought process right before he pulled the trigger.

Sunde shot Dylan Semborski, 20, once in the arm, which Sunde said ended a 10-second life or death situation that seemed more like a minute.

“When he came around the desk, I felt I had to shoot. He was after me with the knife. There was no escape. I had no options,” Sunde said.

Police say the suspect who waiting at the business’ door is 18-year-old Nickolas Tollas, who ran off after the shooting and was quickly arrested by Superior police.

“I’ve had shop lifters pick things up and try to get away with it, but never had anybody attempt a robbery,” said Sunde, who has been in the coin and currency business for 40 years.

While Sunde is thankful nobody got killed, he is hoping his actions have taught a life lesson to the suspects.

“For the robbers — eventually they are going to … come up against something that they don’t expect. So it’s better to not even start that kind of a life,” Sunde said.

Meanwhile Tuesday, it was back to business at Superior Coin & Currency with long time customers like 87-year-old Leo.

“Well, he’s a square shooter. That’s what I like about him,” Leo said of Sunde.

And while the chat at the shop is a little different right now, there’s a sense of power and strength for Sunde and his friends.

“I told him the other day when they robbed him, I said I bet they scared the living bah-Jesus out of ya. He said, yup,” Leo said.

“One guy said I made Superior safer. And I think I maybe did in a little way,” Sunde said.

Sunde wanted to make sure to thank the community for the outpouring of support.

As for the Semborski and Tollas, they are each facing one felony charge of attempted armed robbery, which comes with a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars.

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