Great Outdoors: Paintball

A Mix of Shooting and Color

Some see paintball as a sport with a specific audience, but Jeff Olson, a Superior paintball player believes this is a sport for everyone.

“We have a variety of people and a variety of ages,” said Jeff Olson.

Catering to an assortment of interest and ability levels.

“You can play on a budget. You can play with a few balls a day or you can come out here and shoot three cases of paint if that’s what makes you happy,” Olson said.

But many, particularly parents are concerned about safety and the risks related to paintball.

“We have 10–year–old parties out here and kids will go home with no welts. Sometimes you might get one that breaks the skin if it hits on a finger or something where there is not a lot of flexibility to your skin. but for the most part, I know I can play a tournament and come home with no welts on me,” Olson said.

Yet still some see it as a dangerous sport, but superior paintball says they’re heavy into safety.

“I would say the biggest misconception about paintball is that it is dangerous. Its far from dangerous and I haven’t personally seen anybody get injured other than a rolled ankle or somebody bumped into a tree,” said Olson.

For those interested in getting in on the action, Superior Paintball offers year round entertainment with six main courses at their facility.

“We have a D–day course, which is kind of like a WWII situation for those people who that like those scenarios,” Olson said.

They also have an urban course for air soft competitors and more unique games.

“We have players that will come out and they will play with a pump gun which is essentially you pump the gun one time and you get one shot,” said Olson.

Ultimately paintball is a sport for anyone in search of a little excitement.

“Its like a giant game of chess that is happening rapid fire.”

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