Making the Cut: Serving it up with Virginia

Nick Picked up a Racket and Tried out for the Virginia Tennis Team

“Hey everybody. In this edition of ‘Making the Cut’ I’m going to take my talents to the tennis courts with the reigning section 7A champs, Virginia. I’m here with coach Mauston. Coach, what skills and what are you looking at from me to make the cut of your team?”

“Well I think Nick, the most important thing I can tell you, have a great attitude, work hard and make sure you’re having fun because that’s the name of the game here in Virginia. It’s worked well for coach Gunderson and myself for many, many years.”

“Now I’ve only played tennis two or three times, what am I going to have to do to get out there and show that I look like I can play?”

“Well, it’s real hard to say. I got to see what kind of athlete you are. You’re dressed for success. Obviously a really nice shirt on. I think you just have to relax and try to fit in and the girls will make you feel comfortable.”

“Perfect. Well, let’s go see what happens guys. I’m going to try to make the cut of the Section 7A champs Virginia. Let’s see how it goes coach. Let’s go!”

“Come on Katie, we got to get him. I think you got him Katie, he’s dying.”

“Run back this way. But if he feed it over your head you go opposite.”

“See that was unfair. That was unfair.”

“Just aim at your target and the ball will go there. You’re trying to slap at it. Just aim at your target.”

“I’m trying here guys, I’m struggling. These girls are a lot better than me. Hopefully I get better.”

“If Nick is on your team and you win. You don’t have to run at the beginning or the end.”

“Lot of pressure.”

“Hey guys, just finished up my first practice with the reigning Section 7A champs Virginia. Coach, I went through the drills, I ate the watermelon, I did some volleys. What did you like out of my game and what can I improve on?”

“I think the best part of your game is the appearance. The shirt, the headband and what you bring to the court. Probably need a little work on the serve but the attitude and the work ethic is second to none. If all the kids worked that hard, man we’d be in great shape.”

“So the big question, the one everyone wants to know. Did I make the cut?”

“You made the cut Nick. Very easily made the cut.”

“So next week, your next game, I get to suit up?”

“Well I don’t know how you’re going to look in a skirt and top but we can get you one, see how it looks, and if you really want to wear it, we’ll get you out there.”

“Coach, thank you very much for letting me practice with you guys. Good luck through the season and hopefully we’ll see you back at state.”

“We had a blast. Thank you for thinking of us.”

“Okay guys, I made the cut of the reigning Section 7A champs Virginia, let’s see if I can do it again tomorrow night.”

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