Hearty Porridge with Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar

Cooking Connection: Pheasant Porridge

Pheasant Porridge

-shred roasted pheasant leg into hot pan
-add .5 cup of whole milk
-add .5 cup of oats
-add water as needed
-add wild rice
-add red grapes
-add sliced apples

*once oats are fully cooked, cook mixture down to a consistency

-add chopped peanuts
-season with salt and pepper

-Place porridge onto plate
-add peanut butter on top
-add poached egg to top it off
-drizzle cinnamon/rosemary syrup on top

Lake Avenue Restaurant is located in Canal Park in Duluth, at 394 South Lake Avenue.

Their phone number is: (218) 722-2355.

For more information head to the Lake Avenue Restaurant website

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