Highway 61 Project Proposal

Increase Smooth Traffic Flow in Two Harbors

The bustling traffic on Highway 61 through Two Harbors could soon flow more smoothly.

A preliminary plan is in the works to create more left hand turn lanes to keep traffic trucking along.

If you’ve ever been up the North Shore during peak tourist season, you know it can be a lot of stop and go traffic.

All it takes is one person wanting to make a left hand turn and drivers will sit in stalled traffic.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s initial plan includes updating traffic signals at 4th, 6th and 7th streets and increase the flow of traffic as driver would not only have a turn lane, but also a protected green arrow.

The downfall for some businesses between 6th and 7th street is that their slim parking spaces would be eliminated.

We spoke with some businesses on the main drag in Two Harbors who told us they weren’t familiar with the project and are hoping to learn more in the weeks to come.

MnDOT said they plan to have multiple meetings with the City of Two Harbors, Lake County, area residents and business owners before the end of December. 

“The bad part is that there is no alternate route. So when we are doing construction it always costs more because you have to manage traffic as you’re trying to fix something,” said Project Manager Derek Fredrickson with MnDOT.

Construction on the project would begin in 2018.

As for the funds there is some money available to help pay for the project, which is expected to cost more than $3.5Million Dollars. 

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