Jonesin’ for Java: Part One

In a special report, FOX 21’s Travis Patterson takes you to Northland coffee shops to check out their local java. The first stop is Big Water Coffee in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Just a stone’s throw from the big lake and appropriately named, Big Water Coffee is a unique coffee shop and roaster having a large impact on the Bayfield community.

As director of wholesale and owner Jason Reichel said, “We actually stay open all year round and we serve as a community hub. It’s a great place where people come in and we’ve got our locals that come in everyday, solve the world’s problems.”

Big Water occupies a space that has in some way shape or form been a café since the 1940s, and it has been the heartbeat of this town in many ways.

“So it serves as a meeting place, a place to run into old friends and it truly is. It’s located in the center of town and in many ways it functions as the center of town.”

Big Water reaches a global scale but that is brought back to the local level on a frequent basis with each roast, filling the tiny tourist town with the smell of fresh coffee.

A longtime customer and resident of Hayward, Joanne Cirillo said, ‘The one thing I love about Big Water is they really know their roasting and they know their machines and they don’t just pull the handle all day using the same mix they know how humidity effects coffee, they know how heat affects coffee. Their goal is to make the best cup of coffee and I think they do that every day.”

We all have our reasons for living in the Northland, and it’s a no brainer for Bayfield residents that Big Water Coffee is a big part of that reason.

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