Klobuchar, Franken tout bill to Crack Down on Illegal Steel dumping, Protect U.S. Steelworkers

In light of the mining industry taking a big hit in Minnesota, Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken are teaming up to crack down on illegal steel dumping. 

The duo says the illegal dumping of steel products by foreign countries is harming the steel industry, resulting in plant closures and job losses. 

Magnetation announced Wednesday that the company will likely idle Plant 2 in Bovey, impacting up to 163 workers. 

That news came on the heels of Cliffs Natural Resources announcing a massive layoff of 540 people at their Northshore Mining operation. 

The “Trade Enforcement Improvement Act” includes the following measures to strengthen America’s trade enforcement capabilities: 

-Allowing duties to be imposed retroactively in cases when an industry is judged to be facing critical circumstances. 

-Allowing duties to be imposed even further in advance before critical harm is done to a domestic industry facing the threat of material injury 

-Requiring the publication of a list of duty evaders to help raise public awareness and assist law enforcement

“Our steelworkers can compete with anyone in the world, but when foreign producers dump cheap steel in our country, it undercuts our domestic industry and puts American steelworker jobs at risk,” Senator Amy Klobuchar said,”“While we have recently taken steps to help fight foreign dumping, more and more mining operations are being forced to idle and it is clear more must be done. By strengthening trade enforcement, this important legislation will help provide a level playing field for the American workers who help keep our country strong as steel.” 

“Minnesota iron and steel producers and workers are the best and most productive in the world,” said Senator Al Franken. “But the playing field has been tilted by foreign competitors illegally dumping steel into the market. Recently, we have seen far too many facilities idle and close. Although we’ve taken measures to stop dumping, this legislation will further crack down illegal practices. We need to do everything we can to fight for our workers and producers.”

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